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It is sad report that we have been seeing an increase in break in’s & thefts at our beloved Romsey allotments. It appears to be happing on differing days of the week & at varying hours of the day. Myself being the latest victim, at 14:30pm on Friday afternoon with neighbouring plots holders in plain view. Brazen! I DO know that the committee have/are discussing possible measures to help elevate this (update to follow), however even if we do lock the gates during the night and install CCTV, I do feel that we can not completely irradiate this type of thing. Nevertheless we can try to protect ourselves the best we can by;

  • Only keeping bare essential tools & equipment on our plots
  • Take any valuable tools home & bring back as and when needed or borrow between plot neighbours
  • Install Wildlife cameras on your plot (or dummy cameras)
  • Question anyone you do not recognise (genuine members & visitors will not be offended, they understand that you are looking out for them too)
  • DO NOT try to physically challenge/Stop/Restrain any person(s) found to be acting unlawful!
  • Please report thefts & suspicious behaviour to the Police. I know that to some, this will feel like a complete waste of time, however the more reports the police receive, will enable them to build a case and act accordingly.
  • Visiting your plot at differing days & times (if possible) may help with the element of surprise.
  • Remember the majority of people are nice & decent human beings. Smile & say hello, you may just brighten their day, and your own!

Please understand that I am NOT condoning the actions of said thief(s) nor do I believe that we should have to put up & accept this! Unfortunately we live in a world where there will always people who feel them can take what they want without a care for the person(s) they are taking from.

This is of course just my opinion. Kind regards Gemma.

La Ronde 2023

This years La Ronde was a great success. A massive thank you goes to all our members who supported us by tidying up plots, hedges & pathways, to those whom made scarecrows and decorated their plots, for all of you who kindly donated some of your fruits, vegetables & homemade produce and for everyone who helped run & mange the day. Thank you.