Management Committee

The Management Committee is elected each year at the AGM held in October from among the Members.  It is tasked with overseeing the overall management of the site for the benefit of the Association’s Members and promoting good horticultural and financial discipline.


Carole Allen-Morley  (plots 64 & 100B)                        Email:

Secretary:  + Plot Lettings

Denise Audoire  (plots 2A & 3A)                                    Email:

Treasurer:   + Butterfly Survey

Robert Le Grice  (plot 4)                                                  Email:

Ground Maintenance Co-ordinators –  Joint Position:

Vincent Coutable  (plot 62)

Wayne Lawrence  (plot 6)


Stephen Treglown  (plot 45C)   + Plot Lettings

Iain Messenger  (plot 128A)        + Plot Lettings

Melissa Doherty  (plot 123A)    + Shows Co-ordinator

Alex McArdle   (plots 38 & 39)

Jenny Fakes  (plot 92)

Bill Chandler  (plot 74)

Ian Todhunter  (plots 61B & 63B)

 Co-opted members

Diane Kingston  (plot 134)