Past Events 2018



Romsey Show 2018 – Large Gold Medal

Congratulations to new Committee member Melissa Doherty who maybe foolishly volunteered to organise the RAHA stand at the Romsey show.  The theme of our stand referred to the First World War in honour of the centenary of the end of the war, and Melissa found a lot of props from decades past to decorate the stall and hold produce.  There were many red Remembrance Poppies, and Committee member Iain Messanger loaned a hand-cranked apple grinder, which proved very popular with the children.

Melissa had a team of helpers who collected donated produce and arranged the stall on Friday, and even more volunteers to man the stall throughout Saturday.  She was impressed with the generosity of fellow allotmenteers and the vast amount of produce, jams, chutneys and cakes donated.  We had a lot of tastes.  In hindsight, Melissa actually said “it was not to bad”, and agreed to mastermind 2019!

Everyone should be very proud of the Large Gold Medal awarded for the fifth consecutive year, and for the £130 in prize money and £80 collected in donations for produce added to our coffers.